How Can We Help You?

  • Protect your company's most valuable assets: Information and Reputation.
  • Focus on what you do best while Security Best Practices does what it does best.

  • What if you discovered that some of your business' most valuable assets were left unguarded and unprotected, would you take the steps to protect them?
  • What if you knew that vandals and thieves could steal, damage, or destroy these assets undetected, would you be concerned?
  • What if your competitors had access to your company's most confidential and critical information, and they could sneak in and copy it, any time of day or night, without detection, would you do something about it?
Most organizations don't consider how much of their reputation and successful operation depends on secure computer systems until those systems are compromised.

Yet most have invested in physical security: the locks on your doors, the video surveillance systems that monitor the property, the locked file cabinets that protect valuable files, and the ID badges that employees wear.

  • They may block unauthorized visitors from the company property, but they often don't block unauthorized access, viruses, and data corruption for their company's computers.
  • They may rip up sensitive documents before throwing them away, but leave confidential information unprotected on their hard drives.
  • They may close the door for a private meeting or phone call, but send emails without any protection to prevent interception.
Too many companies have found out the hard way that the most valuable assets they own are not their inventories, their petty cash drawer, or their company cars. Instead, the information about their business payroll, customer records, sales prospects, business plans, patent applications is the truly irreplaceable asset. Loss of your company's valuable information cannot be undone, and also often leads to significant damage to your company's reputation.

Without constant vigilance, your company is vulnerable to attack. The first step to take is to assess your current security stance, then make a plan to increase security with proper best practices and technologies. Security Best Practices can help with this because we specialize in protecting your company from Internet security threats. Since virtually all computer systems are now networked in order to research, share files and printers, and send email, the Internet is also the most common path used to attack your computers.

Almost every day, hackers and crackers discover new ways to compromise your computer systems. Keeping up with the latest issues and threats yourself can be a full time endeavor. At Security Best Practices, we devote our efforts to staying up-to-date on computer security issues and defenses, so you don't have to. We are different because we specialize in security. Security is all we do. There are many security experts out there who can talk the talk, but Security Best Practices walks the walk. You'll feel better knowing your security is in the hands of a dedicated company with demonstrated expertise in this complex area.

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